Our sterling silver selection offers hand-crafted bangles of different weights and styles made using traditional tools and methods. It includes jali cut-out, granulation and filigree or wire-work as well as contemporary designs that are easily worn by all ages to suit all styles of accessories you could want to match them with.



The brass bangles offered at SilverSari have been carefully hand-crafted by silversmiths in India who have responded to ever rising silver prices, now also offering their special crafts using brass as a cheaper alternative to sterling silver. Brass has a natural tendency to oxidise, but can be polished and kept shiny, just like sterling silver, while offering a warm and golden glow and an affordable price tag.




While the anklet does not have a specific symbolic meaning in the West, other than its status as a fashionable piece of jewellery, it is an important icon in India where anklets have been worn by girls and women for centuries and are commonly known as pattilu, payal and sometimes as nupur.