Granulated Ruffle Bangle #4~ WBS1017B

WBS1017B ~ Granulated Ruffle Bangle #4

This beautiful sterling silver bangle offers presence and depth without the width, weight or appropriate price tag. The sterling silver has been lightly oxidised, giving the filigree loops and granulation definition and depth. This bangle looks great worn on it's own as well as matched with similar round bangles for a more substantial look. You will appreciate the quality and craftsmanship this bangle has to offer, assuring a long and happy life in your collection! 


  • Metal: 92.5 Sterling Silver (Hallmarked)
  • Inside Diameter (mm/"): 61.1mm/2.39" - Size S
  • Width/Depth: 2.7mm/6mm approx
  • Weight: 13.4g approx
WBS1017B ~ Granulated Ruffle Bangle #4


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