Lace Edge Cuff Bangle ~Adjustable (S/M/L)~ WSB1051


This gorgeous, narrow cuff bangle is made of solid sterling silver. It has substantial weight and features a lacy heart shape edge. The cuff is made to open by bending it slightly by hand so it can slide onto your wrist and bend shut for safe wear. Best suited for wrists size S & M, but will also fit on an L wrist if you do not mind a wider gap.

  •  Genuine Sterling Silver (NOT just plated)
  •  Hallmarked 925
  •  Size: Adjustable S or M
  •  Width/Length: 8mm/160mm (approx)
  •  Weight: 8.1g (approx)
WSB1050 ~ Lotus Bloom Cuff


  • Available
  • Ships within 1 BD of received payment