Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, with copper being the most common metal used as the 7.5 percent alloy balance in sterling silver. Copper adds hardness to pure silver, but also adds a tendency to "tarnish" (darkening that occurs when sterling silver reacts or oxidises with gases in the air or with other substances that it comes in contact with). When silver oxidises it first turns a yellow golden colour, then darkens with time to a dark graphite grey or nearly black. Some aspects of our jewellery is treated in this manner to give the sterling silver depth of colour, offer additional contrast to the carved or granulated patterns or complement the colours in the gemstones used in some designs.


To help maintain the shine of your items for longer, please remove your jewellery when doing household chores, applying perfume, hair products or creams. Store your items in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight or artificial light, when not wearing it.


Other than all silver earrings, silversari also offers earrings that feature beautiful gemstones. These items are special and unique - each gemstone, being as nature provides, is slightly different in size, shape or depth of colour. All our gemstones are genuine stones or as otherwise advertised in the listing. The jewellers who create our selection use the best stones available to them at time of creation, allowing us to choose the best from that. Each pair is personally picked by myself for its beauty and craftsmanship.


Please note that even though the gemstones used in our jewellery are real, genuine stones, many gemstones can react to sunlight, water or extreme temperatures. To keep the colours vibrant, store your jewellery safely, away from heat and strong sunlight.


The art of Mughal Miniature Paintings, also called Rajasthani Miniature Paintings, have been practised over generations. These are very small paintings created on silk or hand made paper and often feature figures like Hindu deities, landscapes, flowers or animals. Set into sterling silver, protected by glass, with a decorative back and 925 stamp, these small pieces of art make beautiful and unusual earrings that are truly stunning and unique.


We are very excited to present our new 'Reborn' Phoenix Collection!

Unique in every way, each pair is truly special! Reborn from shards of porcelain that have carefully been matched to be re-used and re-loved as a new creation.

Some matching pendants are available but sold separately.

Please note that the settings of the Miniature paintings are NOT made to be water-tight ... paint will run if in contact with water.



Our brass earrings have been hand-crafted by the same artisan silversmiths who create our sterling silver selection. Ever-rising silver prices force many artisan jewellers to offer their labour-intensive craft using brass as the base metal for a cheaper alternative to sterling silver. Brass has a natural tendency to oxidise, just like sterling silver, but can be polished and kept shiny while offering a warm, golden glow. To help maintain the shine of your items for longer, please remove your jewellery when doing household chores, applying perfume, hair products or creams and store in a cool but dry place, away from sunlight or artificial light, when not wearing it. Remember the rule for wearing jewellery of any metal: "Last on - First off!"


Please also note that the brass used for all items in our brass collection is made of copper and zinc - FREE of lead and nickle. Modern-day brass and other bare metals are beautiful to wear and are not produced with lead as they were in the past. However, we definitely suggest to avoid “antique” brass or brass of uncertain origin.