Reborn, Repurposed & Reimagined Jewellery

It is sheer joy and sense of pleasure that arises from reusing beautiful daily objects, or items that are usually meant for a different purpose, and turn them into an item of beauty, fit to wear as decoration on our body! As we become more conscious of possibilities, resources and ideas, which seemingly seem endless at this stage, we are experimenting with alternatives to the use of precious gemstones in our jewellery and will add suggestions for you to consider... Let's add some fun, colour and awareness to our life!


When your items show discolouration over time, please just give them a gentle rub with a soft cloth to restore the shine - To help maintain the shine of your items for longer, please remove your jewellery when doing household chores, applying perfume, hair products or creams and store in a cool but dry place, away from sunlight or artificial light, when not wearing it. 

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