SilverSari Pendants


Our traditional arts, tribal and sterling silver pendants includes pendants of all sizes and weights, crafted in genuine sterling silver, using traditional Indian crafts that have survived over hundreds of years.


The gemstones chosen for our gemstone pendants range from the better known and much-loved stones like moonstone, labradorite, amethyst and opal, to the less known agates and jaspers - each one unique and of excellent quality.


SilverSari has connected with jewellers residing in Bali, offering beautiful jewellery pieces of exceptional quality! All pieces are crafted by hand in the local area, providing employment and developing of skills.


Chakras are believed to be the vital energy centres of the body - each chakra associated with a particular area of the body and colour of the spectrum. Interruptions of the flow of this energy are believed to cause illness and emotional difficulty.