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Mabe Pearls are quite different from 'normal' pearls due to the way they are formed. Instead of growing inside the body of the mollusk creature, as is the case with other pearls, mabe pearls grow against the inside shell. This process causes mabe pearls to have a flat side, instead of being spherical, or at least rounded like standard pearls - this is also the reason why mabe pearls are sometimes called 'half pearls'. Mabe pearls come in a wide range of beautiful pearl colors, ranging from light pinks, to blue/grey shades.


The Mabe pearls used for our jewellery are Indonesian salt water pearls, farmed for 11 months on a Sulawesi oyster farm in the South Seas. When the 'Blackwing Oyster' is harvested after 11 months, all parts of the mollusc are used: shellfish for food, mabe pearl for jewellery and the shells for further adornment uses - nothing is wasted.