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Gemstone Feature Rings


Other than the all-silver rings, most of our "Gemstone Feature Rings" are unique pieces. Each ring is different due to size, colour and shape of gemstone used at time of creation. This makes this beautiful jewellery unique and very special... but unfortunately it also means that no other sizes can be offered for the exact ring unless specifically mentioned in the advertisement.


Please keep checking our selection regularly to see what becomes available and, if seeing one you like in the size you require, make sure you don't let it get away, as the exact same one cannot be offered ever again.

Please be aware that wider ring designs might feel slightly tighter on your finger than rings of usual width. We strongly advise to have your current ring size measured at your local jeweller before purchasing online.


Spinning Meditation Rings


Believed to be based on ancient Tibetan prayer wheels, these unusual rings are also known as Spinners, Motion, Moving, Meditation/Prayer or even Worry Rings, referring to the calming effect spinning your ring can have on your mind & body. A spinner ring can be a helpful tool and useful coping strategy to keep hands busy or your mind distracted during times of anxiety or stress and are suitable for children or adults alike. All spinners feature an inner band (body) and one or multiple outer bands (spinners) that should spin freely around the body of the ring. Mostly produced in sterling silver, many designs are available on the markets today: From sleek & elegant, plain or narrow, to chunky, wide & ornately decorated with silver, brass or copper filigree, jali work or additional gemstones... the sky is the limit!

Please be aware that wider design can feel slightly tighter on your finger. A free check for size with your jeweller before purchasing online is advisable.


Stackable Sets/Stack & Multi-Rings


We offer a large selection of gemstone combinations in our Multi-Rings Collection - in limited numbers, many are available in different sizes, while others are single pieces available only in the size advertised, displaying a unique combination of gemstones.

Stacked Multi-Rings are available as 3-, 5-, 7- and 11-stacks and consist of 4mm wide hammered bands alternated with thinner silver hoops. Each is decorated with either a beautiful gemstones in rich and complementing colours or silver decorations as pictured in each specific listing. Stack rings are are connected with a sturdy band at the back, leaving enough play to position the stones to your liking and create your very own design.

Please be aware that the wider 'Stacked Multi-Rings' will feel tighter on your finger than ring designs of usual width. A quick and free check for size with your jeweller before purchasing online is advisable.


SilverArt Rings


Sterling Silver Jewellery from India is much loved by people around the globe, suiting everybody looking for something a little different from the usual collection offered in local jewellery stores. Our extensive collection of traditional & contemporary silver rings have been patiently and carefully hand-crafted from Sterling Silver of excellent quality, following traditional methods and using genuine hand tools.

The SilverArt pieces on offer at 'SilverSari' originate from collections created by family-teams of silversmiths & designers of sterling silver jewellery in Rajasthan, India. Their exciting work is not only very beautiful, but of innovative & artistic design and combine an eye for detail and pride in craftsmanship. Please contact us if you cannot find the size you require in the design chosen - we will happily check our stock for you and list it for you if available. Please be aware that wider styled rings will feel slightly tighter on your finger. A quick check for size with your jeweller before purchasing online is advisable.