Stacked Multi-Rings

Please be aware that due to width, Stack-Rings might feel tighter on your finger than ring designs of usual width. A quick check for size with your jeweller before purchasing online is advisable. As these are hand-crafted items, only a small number is produced - Availability of sizes, gemstone combinations & designs is constantly changing at SilverSari - Should you not be able to find a size required, please contact us with your request and we will check availability for you.

STR 008
From $36.95
STR 010
From $35.95
From $53.95
From $50.95
From $51.95
From $51.95
From $51.95
From $59.95
From $35.95

Stacked Multi-Rings are available as 3-stacks, 5-stacks, 7-stacks and 11-stacks, consisting of 4mm wide hammered bands alternated with thinner silver hoops, each decorated with either beautiful gemstones in rich and complementing colours or silver decorations as pictured. All rings are connected with a sturdy band at the back, leaving enough play to position the stones to your liking and create your very own design!