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    From fine and delicate to large, bold statement pieces - something there for every taste and wallet size!

    Our extensive range includes many designs of sterling silver earrings suitable to wear for any occasion.


    Please remember that we usually stock just a few pieces in each design and therefore can't promise exact designs to ever be available again... so don't wait too long if you happen to fall in love with one!

    If you do see a design you particularly like, please don't hesitate to contact us to check if other gemstone combinations are available.




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    You will find a steadily growing but ever changing range of sterling silver bangles, often available in multiple sizes and different styles at SilverSari Jewellery.

    We usually try to stock as many sizes as possible, offering the best possible fit for an XS, S, M, L and XL-sized wrist. We also offer matching designs to add to your collection over time.

    Adjustable designs and cuff bangles are also available - these can easily be bend to shape when sliding onto your wrist.



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    At SilverSari Jewellery we offer a wide range of sterling silver pendants of various styles and sizes. Styles on offer range from traditional, tribal to contemporary. Some pendants feature mughal miniature paintings set behind glass, trendy slider-bail and large feature gemstone pendants.

    'Chakra' pendants, mantra boxes and earring/pendant sets are also available.


    Our pendants feature large bails to ensure they can easily fit on sterling silver chains, ribbon or leather bands alike.





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    Gemstone Rings

    SilverSari Jewellery offers unique and exquisite pieces of hand-crafted silver jewellery created by a young team of silversmiths & designers of jewellery in Rajasthan, India


    Only quality precious & semi-precious stones are chosen to be matched with superbly crafted, detailed silver work to create these innovative & artistic designs, displaying an excellent eye to detail and stunning craftsmanship!





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    Spinner Rings

    Spinner Rings, also known as 'Worry Rings', 'Motion Rings', 'Moving Rings' or even 'Meditation' or 'Prayer Rings', feature an inner band (body) and one or multiple outer bands which spin freely from each other.


    Inspired by the ancient Tibetan prayer wheels, spinner rings have a soothing & calming effect on your mind. They can help with your ability to focus (eg during study), meditate or simply keep your fingers busy while helping to relieve stress when working through difficult challenges presented with in life.




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    Stack Rings

    Our 'Stacks' consist of either 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 single hoops of different width - each decorated with silver decorations or one beautiful gemstone in rich and complementing colours.

    All rings are connected with a sturdy band at the back, leaving enough play to position the stones to your liking and create your own design!


    The band at the back is meant to be permanent but, if you wish, can be removed before dispatch so you can wear the rings either separately or match them with your existing rings.






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